PLC Splitter 1x16Fibers

PLC Splitter 1x16Fibers

FTTH Passive Optical Cable PLC Splitter 1:16Fibers

Assembly cable with SC/APC connectors

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STARZ FTTH Passive Optical Cable PLC Splitter 1x16Fibers

Planar waveguide light optical distributor (PLC Splitter), is a kind of planar waveguide integrated optical device, it can be 1260nm ~ 1650nm such a wide range of wavelengths of light power reservation in realization, the distribution of wavelength range covers EPON technology used 1310nm, 1490nm and 1550nm three wavelengths. Especially suitable for EPON Ethernet passive optical network access technology FTTP fiber network system, broadband passive optical optical distributor (POS) use. Including 1×2,1×4,1×8,1×16,1×32,1×64, and 2×2,2X4,2X8,2X16,2X32,2X64 type.

FTTx Systems
Digital, hybrid and AM-Video systems
LAN,WAN and Metro Networks
CATV systems
Other applictaions in fiber optic systems

1.Basic type PLC splitter

2.SFF type PLC splitter

3.900um Fan-out Type PLC Splitter

4.Cassette type PLC splitter Module

5.Rack type PLC splitter Module

6.Tray assembly PLC splitter Module

7.Flat Quick-Connect Termination Type PLC Splitter Module


PLC Splitters packaging: 1pc/blister packing.

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