OM5 multi-mode fiber optic cables

The upgraded OM3 and OM4 have been widely applied in cable assembly,Data Centers and other high-speed applications in the past few years. Now, OM5, which allows more higher range and transmission speed by SWDM (Short Wave Division Multiplexing) technology, has started production here in China, and STARZ CABLE TECH it is one of the advantage factory for you.

The acceptance of this standard is a milestone for the fiber cabling performance category because it extends the benefits of this revolutionary multimode fiber within connected buildings and data centers worldwide.

Compared with OM3 and OM4, which are suitable for transmission in the range of 850nm wavelength, the new optical cabling class OM5 can operate within a range of 850nm to 950nm, thus increasing the performance and the quality of connectivity in your data center.

The advantages of OM5 as follow:

1. Excellent performance and quality of connectivity for your data center.

2. Higher range and transmission speed through SWDM technology.

3. Transmission rate up to 100 Gbit/s with only 2 fibers (instead of 8 fibers).

4. OM5 cabling supports all legacy applications and is fully compatible with OM3 and OM4 cabling.

STARZ CABLE can offer customer industry standard flammability rating OFNR/LSZH jacket fiber patch cables with connector types of LC-LC and SC-SC and customized length.

Also, all the OM5 cables from STARZ are well packaged and 100% optically tested for end face and insertion loss to ensure high quality.


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